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The 3K Factory Patek Philippe grenade replica watch has a case size of 40mm*8.1mm. This is the only watch that matches the original version. The Patek Philippe grenade from other factories is thicker, and the Patek Philippe grenade from the 3K factory truly restores the Patek Philippe eight. The iconic angular design is a perfect reproduction of the size and overall appearance. 3K Factory Replica Watches exclusively customize the Cal.324 movement, which is the only version from the outside and the movement, from the small size of the movement to the accessory movement balance wheel, which has been carefully crafted countless times. The reason for this is that this is a through-the-bottom Replica Watches model, and many major manufacturers are competing. If you want to take the lead in the market, you must break through the movement, and the 3k factory lasted three years. , The design and development of the movement is the largest investment.

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